What is Yalu……. For those who don’t know, Yalu is the name of the iOS 10 Jailbreak which was released last month. It came as a Christmas gift for all of those merry jailbreak users.

The creator behind this jailbreak this time is not a team, in fact it is just a single man who has taken all the efforts to bring the iOS 10 jailbreak for us. But rather we must know that the jailbreak is in the beta stages and the creator of this jailbreak itself had tweeted that this version of the jailbreak is in beta stages and no one else than the developers themselves should jailbreak their phones as the jailbreak being in beta stages, is extremely unstable.

Despite of all the warnings, people jailbroke their phones………

We all know by far now that jailbreak enhances the capabilities of iDevices. It helps to remove all those restrictions that are imposed upon us by Apple. So why wouldn’t people want to jailbreak? Moreover…. the jailbreak release frequency has dropped so much that we fear that whether we are going to get a  jailbreak in the future or not? The main reason for this fear is that Apple is very good at patching jailbreak exploits.

But, I had a lot of anxiety inside me….. Despite the jailbreak being in the beta stages and getting warning from the developers to not jailbreak, I did it! By far you all would be thinking that hat do i want to actually prove? I jailbroke my phone and it worked good for the first week. By the way, i have an iPhone 7 and i was very excited to see my home screen icons animated….. Dancing in joy! But as the time passed, and new jailbreak tweaks started to be available for the iOS 10 jailbreak; I did not ever think what would it do to my device….

Now I literally feel shitty cause I am facing a lot of problems with this jailbreak.

  1. My device resprings randomly!
  2. My iPhone 7 lags a lot!
  3. iOS 10 does not have less bugs to make me feel good.
  4. Cydia doesn’t install the files properly.
  5. Anemone has made my icons round, even when I am in a non jailbroken state.
  6. Uber doesn’t let me open the app……. cause I am jailbroken.
  7. Moreover, I have a constant feeling that I should turn back to using the iOS betas.
  8. No more I fell enthusiastic for the jailbreak.

Above all, the developer of the Yalu Jailbreak doesn’t push out the betas or the next stable version of the jailbreak as frequently (He takes his own time).

On a positive note…. I am impressed by the iOS 10 jailbreak. But if the creator of this jailbreak doesn’t post a gamma version in this month…… I am surely going to be upgrading to the latest iOS 10 beta.

The link for the jailbreak is  HERE

If you want to read more about jailbreaking, go here

Thanks! and please let me know in the comments…. What are your views?